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Eanjia 4D Orbz Foil Balloons Galaxy 16inch

Eanjia 4D Orbz Foil Balloons Galaxy 16inch

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  • SIZE: Circumference 118cm /35inch Height:40cm/12inch Width:40cm/12inch Ball Shape
  • Printing:HD Earth Satellite imagery including Asian, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, the Arctic and several islands, etc.Printed on both sides of boardstock paper with different designs
  • PERFECT for many different occasions such as school celebration, class room decoration ,kids birthday party and themes including Earth Day, Bon Voyage and more
  • Hangable design( couble be used without helium ) Self-sealing lasting 7 days with helium Lasting more than 90 days with air


About Us


Eanjia started from a collision of wonderful ideasn .  In 2017 When a friend of mine came to seek advice, I recommended a new clear balloon to him, but he did not adopt it. and this moment ignited my passion for creative combinations, since then my beginning of venture into bobo balloon sales.

 In 2018, fate introduced me to Mr.Lee, my husband in future, He happens to be from where aluminum foil balloons are manufactured  ,what a marvelous coincidence. Through Lee, I met Mr. Chen, a master in machine manufacturing. Our shared enthusiasm and vision quickly converged, leading to the establishment of a small factory dedicated to producing these distinctive balloons.

The ensuing years witnessed the birth of Eanjia's colorful bobo balloon series—2019 saw the launch of crystal, macaron, metallic, and candy-colored bobo balloons, followed by a transparent printed series in 2020. Our stripe and confetti series, in particular, received a warm welcome from the market upon their release.

By 2023, we decided to expand our horizons beyond just producing and selling bobo balloons. Eanjia aspired to share our creative insights, assisting consumers in identifying and purchasing high-quality party supplies while leveraging China's super supply chain advantages to enrich our product line.

We are Eanjia, committed to adding color (Enriching) to parties in an affordable (Affordable) manner, offering novel (Novel) and joyful (Joyful) products that make every gathering special (Impactful), ensuring our creative achievements are accessible (Accessible) to everyone.

Adding color to parties, value to business.

Let's create more memorable moments together.


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